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Ecodevelopment S.A is the leading and constantly for 20 years the biggest company in environmental applications in Greece. Since 1996 specialises in mosquito and pest control implementing large-scale projects, exports its expertise to many European countries, especially Southern Mediterranean countries and in recent years has implemented mosquito control programs to 10 from 13 regions of the country from Evro to Cyclades islands.

20 years course

In the year 2001, ECODEVELOPMENT has entered in the field of pest control to industrial, working and private places and providing services of international level took at once the predominant role. In 2004, the year of the celebration of Olympic Games in Athens, ECODEVELOPMENT was invited and contributed to the great challenge of the best Olympics undertaking and successfully implementing at conurbation of Athens and Olympic Facilities the entire control program for rodents, mosquitoes and other species capable of transmitting diseases.

In 2010 its contribution to the confrontation of West Nile Virus epidemic in Central Macedonia (disease transmitted by mosquitoes) has been essential due to its experience and its enormous knowledge (know-how). To meet the needs for control and confrontation, during the period 2011-1012 and for the first time in Greece, ECODEVELOPMENT proceeded with the mapping, evaluation and epidemiological surveillance of the most wetlands of the country, as mosquito breeding sites. Since 2012 the company implements the most large-scale control projects for dangerous vector species in Greece (Macedonia, Western Greece and Peloponissos) participating and significantly contributing to the overall effort to the function of “healthcare’s safeguards” which the state public health services attempt to establish in areas suffering from diseases’ vectors (mosquitoes, fleas, bugs etc).

Since 2014 ECODEVELOPMENT has dynamically entered in the field of remote sensing technology, providing services of remote sensing and diagnostic applications in the agriculture and environment. ECODEVELOPMENT has developed a contemporary diagnostic system of screening and mapping of crops. The system is based on the use of unmanned aircrafts equipped with optical, multi-spectral and thermal sensors and imaging ability with topographical accuracy and photogrammetric vision of tens, hundreds and thousands hectares in very high-resolution from 2 to 20cm / pixel. The obtained images after being processed with special image analysis software combined with ground data and the use of specified algorithms are able to provide spatially identified information-indexes at a level of agricultural land, cultivation zones or/and plant.

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